List of accepted papers

  1. Kong Saoane Thach. A qualitative analysis of user reviews on mental health apps: who used it? for what? and why?
  2. Ban Ha Bang and Nguyen Duc Nghia. Metaheuristic for the Traveling Repairman Problem with Time Window Constraints
  3. Kyeongmook Oh and Jaeseok Kim. Implementation of Low-complexity HEVC video codec
  4. Nguyen Van Kien and Duong Tuan Anh. An Effective Implementation of Motif-based Time Series Classification
  5. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Edi Prifti, Nataliya Sokolovska and Jean-Daniel Zucker. Disease Prediction using Synthetic Image Representations of Metagenomic data and Convolutional Neural Networks
  6. Ngoc Tho Huynh. State Transfer Management in Adaptive Software: An Approach from Design to Runtime
  7. Huynh Thi Thu Thuy, Duong Tuan Anh and Vo Thi Ngoc Chau. Incremental Clustering for Time Series Data based on an Improved Leader Algorithm
  8. Gergő Pintér, László Nádai, Gábor Bognár, Zoltán Biczó and Imre Felde. Activity pattern analysis of the mobile phone network during a large social event
  10. Jun-Young Park and Yo-Sung Ho. A Multi-modal Network with Large Field of View for Semantic Segmentation
  11. Nicolas Gutowski, Olivier Camp, Tassadit Amghar and Fabien Chhel. Using Individual Accuracy to Create Context for Non-Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Problems
  12. József Klespitz, Gergely Pintér, Imre Felde, László Nádai and Levente Kovács. Systemic fluid balance control in hemodialysis machines with ANFIS
  13. Luong Nguyen Van and Oanh Nguyen Thi. Object counting based on density using perspective transformation
  14. Thanh Bui and Braden Phillips. A Scalable Network-on-Chip based Neural Network Implementation on FPGAs
  15. Hieu Trung Huynh. A deep learning method for lung segmentation on large size chest X-ray image
  16. Son Luong NgocThu Vu HoaiLoc Nguyen DucGiang Nguyen LinhNam Vu Thanh and Ngoc Anh Nguyen Thi. Integrating Employee Value model and Churn prediction
  17. Quynh Dao Thi Thuy, Quynh Nguyen Huu and Son An Hong. Image retrieval uses SVM-based relevant feedback for imbalance and small training set
  18. Dang Ngoc Hoang Thanh, Le Thi Thanh, Surya Prasath and Ugur Erkan. An Improved BPDF Filter for High Density Salt and Pepper Denoising
  19. Thomas Studer. The logic of temporal domination
  20. Quan Duong, Tan Tran, Duc-Thinh Pham and An Mai. A Simplified Framework for Air Route Clustering Based on ADS-B Data
  21. Long Le Thanh, Binh Nguyen Thanh and Ioannis Parissis. Neural Network-Based Generation of Test Data for Interactive Multimodal Applications
  22. Thanh Hoang Hai, Anh Phan Tuan, Linh Ngo Van and Khoat Than. Enriching user representation in Neural Matrix Factorization
  23. Van Lam Ho and K.Robert Lai. A Fast Filtering Algorithm for Continuous Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  25. Trang Tranuyen, Ha Hoangthithanh and Hiep Huynhxuan. Aspect Extraction with Bidirectional GRU and CRF
  26. Ngan Dong and Kim Anh Nguyen. Attentive Neural Network for Named Entity Recognition in Vietnamese
  27. Regis Gascon, Julien Deantoni and Jean-François Le Tallec. Priority in Logical Time Partial Orders with Synchronous Relations
  28. Rabia Azzi, Sylvie Despres and Jérôme Nobecourt. MCVGraphViz : a Web Tool for Knowledge Dynamic Visualization
  29. Viet-Ha Ho, Huu-Hung Huynh and Van-Sy Ngo. Direction-free Person Identification with Distance Transform and Random Forest
  30. Duc Khai Lam, Duc Lung Vu, Quang Huy Do and Minh Duc Nguyen. Hardware Implementation of AES with S-Box using Composite-field
  31. Trung Đuc Pham, Thanh Chuong Dang and Viet Minh Nhat Vo. A Model of Traffic Prediction based Admission Control in OBS Nodes
  32. Tran Duc Minh, Claudia d'AmatoAndrea Tettamanzi and Thanh Binh Nguyen. Constructing Metrics for Evaluating Multi-Relational Association Rules in the Semantic Web from Metrics for Scoring Association Rules
  33. Azise Oumar Diallo, Dominique Longin and Tuong Vinh Ho. Better emotion modeling by taking into account environment factors and human profiles in crisis situations
  34. Thuy Le Thi, Tuoi Phan Thi and Tho Quan Thanh. Instance-based Enrichment of Sentiment Ontology
  35. Ba-Long Bui, Thi-Trang Nguyen, Huu-Hoang Nguyen and Kiem-Hieu Nguyen. HMMs for Unsupervised Vietnamese Word Segmentation
  36. Van Nho Do, Quang Vu Nguyen and Thanh Binh Nguyen. A Solution For Improving The Effectiveness of Higher Order Mutation Testing
  37. Ngoc Tho Huynh. An Analysis View of Component-Based Software Architecture Reconfiguration
  38. Hanh T. M. Tran and Tien Ho-Phuoc. Deep Laplacian Pyramid Network for Text Images Super-Resolution
  39. Dang Huynh-Van, Ngan Le-Thi-Chau, Khoa Ngo-Khanh and Quan Le-Trung. Towards an Integration of AES Cryptography into Deluge Dissemination Protocol for Securing IoTs Reconfiguration
  40. Duc-Thinh Pham, Ngoc Phu Tran, Sim Kuan Goh, Sameer Alam and Vu Duong. Reinforcement Learning for Two-Aircraft Conflict Resolution in the Presence of Uncertainty
  41. Trinh Hien Anh and Ha Manh Toan. Enhancing the quality of inserted 3D object into a video
  42. Tan Tran, Quan Duong, Duc-Thinh Pham and An Mai. An adaptive hash-based text deduplication forADS-B data-dependent trajectory clustering problem
  43. Minh Tuan Pham and Tan Bao Nguyen. The DOMJudge based Online Judge System with Plagiarism Detection
  44. Linh Vo Cao Thuy, Khoi Cao Minh, Chuong Dang Le Bao and Tuan Nguyen. Votereum: An Ethereum-based E-voting system
  45. Khanh-Van Nguyen and Thang Tran. Fast Detection and Mitigation to DDoS Web Attack based on Access Frequency
  46. Son Nguyen, Bao Ngo, Chau Vo and Tru Cao. Hot Topic Detection on Twitter Data Streams with Incremental Clustering Using Named Entities and Central Centroids
  47. Xuan Tung Hoang and Ngoc Dung Bui. An Enhanced Semantic-based Cache Replacement Algorithm for Web Systems
  48. Tuan Nguyen Kim, Ho Ngọc Duy, Van Vu Long and Moldovyan Nikolay Andreevich. NEW TYPES OF THE DIGITAL SIGNATURE PROTOCOLS
  49. Canh Pham Van, Van Nam Nguyen, Xuan Tuan Le and Xuan Huan Hoang. Competitive Influence maximization on Online Social Networks: A deterministic modeling approach
  50. Ha Nguyen Tien and Huyen Nguyen Thi Minh. Long Sentence Preprocessing in Neural Machine Translation
  51. Can Do and Rey Gaetan. From BPMN to live application: How the context can drive an auto-adapted system
  52. Ari Ugarte, Dao Quang Minh, Ho Bich Hai, Chloé Vigliotti, Eugeni Belda, Jean-Daniel Zucker and Edi Prifti. QMSpy: an integrated modular and scalable platform for quantitative metagenomics in Pyspark
  53. Viet-Anh Nguyen, Tung Nguyen, The-Hung Nguyen and Do-Van Nguyen. Parallel Double Deep Reinforcement Learning for Leader-Follower Swarm Control in Dynamic Environment
  54. Chi-Hieu Nguyen, Chung Kieu and Khanh-Van Nguyen. Efficient Landmark-based Compact Routing for Random Interconnection Topologies
  55. Tuan Nguyen-Anh and Quan Le-Trung. RFL-IoT: an IoT Reconfiguration Framework Applied Fuzzy Logic for Context Management
  56. Niina Maarit Novak and A Min Tjoa. Towards a business value framework for Linked Enterprise Data
  57. Dang-Hoan Tran. Automated Change Detection and Reactive Clustering in Multivariate Streaming Data
  58. Van Huy Nguyen. An End-to-End model for Vietnamese speech recognition
  59. Cao Thi Luyen, Nguyen Hieu Cuong and Pham Van At. A Novel Public Key Robust Watermarking Method for Still Images Based on Intentional Permutation based on DCT and DWT
  60. Hieu Cuong Nguyen and Thi Luyen Cao. Using Matrix Decomposition and Frequency Transforms to Detect Forgeries in Digital Images
  61. Duc Khai Lam, Nhat Cuong Chong and Thi Hong Tran. Hardware Implementation of the Efficient SOR-based Massive MIMO Dectection for Uplink
  62. Kong Saoane Thach. Persuasive design principles in mental health apps: a qualitative analysis of user reviews
  63. Duong Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen and Vi Ngo. Neural sequence labeling for VietnamesePOS Tagging and NER
  64. Anh-Cang PhanThi-My-Nga Nguyen and Thuong-Cang Phan. Detection and Classification Of Brain Hemorrhage Based On Hounsfield Values And Convolution Neural Network Technique
  65. Thanh Huong NguyenTan Phu Vuong and Thi Lan Huong Nguyen. A Printed Wearable Dual Band Antenna for Remote Healthcare Monitoring Device
  66. Thanh Trinh. A New Location-based Topic Model For Event Attendees Recommendation